Audrey is away, this is almost the same word, sounding like order, ending in anarchy: I’m here and there and always away, always leaving places and people I am bound to. And I am weary. Stay. Stay is not my name. My name is away. Things are torn apart in space and time.I am a tree whose roots spread as far as my branches go and my heart stretches painfully from where I come to where I go.I don’t forget you – family, friends, love, acquaintances I like – as the time spent with you is a part of me and of my experience for today and tomorrow, however far away…

-and if-

And if travelling from place to place, living here and leaving there was just a way to learn ? A-way to learn how to go away ? A-way to learn how to die, to some points… To say goodbye to places, people and everything we know. A-way to accept being away. A-way to accept that there is a tomorrow and that elsewhere is not nothing.

Away is the way life found to teach me how to live – for living is leaving.


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